25 Before I am 50

1. Sky Diving

2. Visit the major attractions of Orlando (Disney World/Sea World)

3. Tour Boston

4. Publish a book

5. Visit Paris, France

6. Visit Rome, Florence, and Venice Italy

7. Visit London

8. See the ruins of Ireland

9. Go to a Six Flags amusement park

10. Ride the 3 largest Ferris wheels in the world.

11. Visit Sydney, Australia at New Years

12. Tour New York at Christmas

13. Run a 5k or two

14. Learn to speak a foreign language

15. Adopt 2+ children from orphanages

16. Auckland, New Zealand Sky Tower

17. Learn to play the violin piano.

18.  Pass my certification exams

19. Graduate from college

20.  Go to a Group 1 Crew concert and meet the singers, Blanca & Manwell
*Adendum: Group 1 Crew now has Manwell, but not Blanca.  She has a solo career.  I would like to meet her and go to her concert as well as meet Manwell (still)

21.  Attend a Broadway show

22. Get Married to my best friend.

23.  Fill up an entire passport with grand adventures before it expires

24. Own a high quality, professional camera to dabble in photography with

25.  Attend a ballet.

There are so many wonderful things in this world to experience.  I pray my life experiences far outnumber any list.  I want to die knowing that I took advantage of every opportunity for adventure, that I loved with all my heart, and that I held nothing back!


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