A Glimpse of Me


I used to title my blog A Glimpse of Me because I truly wanted my blog to be a snapshot of who I am.  I had hoped that you would get me, openly and exposed.  That may come one day when I finally start sitting down to blog every night.  That doesn’t happen though.  I usually only blog when I have something big on my mind.  I have a biblical thought or a challenge I am facing, which is why I am changing the name of things.  Here is a real glimpse of me:

I recently graduated with an elementary education major and and intercultural studies minor.  My heart’s passion is to teach in a foreign cross cultural setting and to live and be an influence in the lives of children around the world. I am obsessed with skeleton keys, chocolate, and coffee.  However, my obsession with coffee is simply an over-exaggerated appreciation.  I am not addicted, for I probably only drink coffee every other day. Chocolate, on the other hand, may be an addiction.  I could eat the smooth, creamy goodness of processed cocoa beans (especially coupled with peanut butter in a Reese’s cup!) just about every hour–if only my body didn’t retain it all. As for the keys, if it has an antique skeleton key, I love it. I have jewelry, key chains, and wall decor with skeleton keys. My favorite color is yellow. I love fresh, tree-ripened fruit.  I specify because there is a huge difference! I have been to Cambodia, Spain, and Kyrgyzstan, and the fresh produce that is grown and ripened locally is the best fruit you will ever eat!

I love to read.  It is my personal goal to read an average of one book a week.  I want to be an avid reader, but I just don’t find the time or energy for it lately.  I love movies.  Instead of reading when I am tired, I watch movies.  I watch them repeatedly until I can quote all the fantastically funny or inspirational parts, and then I watch them some more!  A good movie leaves me laughing, smiling, or challenged. I am also a huge music fan. I am a firm believer that what you put in your mind shapes you, so I have always been ultra protective of what I listen to.  Some of my favs are Casting Crowns, Group 1 Crew, Desperation Band, and Jared Anderson.  I also love a good mellow instrumental or jazz CD!

I am still a newlywed, married June 15, 2013. Stephen and I dated for 2 years, and I love him dearly.  I know I have a lot of growing to do to be the woman he deserves in marriage, but I think we are on the same playing field. We both have growing and maturity to do, and I am excited to do it with him. I am excited to experience life with him.  Life is more enjoyable with him by my side.  He is the kind of friend that I can do anything with.  He is the kind of guy that I can trust with everything, which is a mighty good thing going into marriage.  He takes me as I am.  There is no pressure to look my best everyday.  I know he thinks I am beautiful no matter what! He cherishes me and respects me.  We can have deep conversations and random conversations.  He is a best friend, a loyal friend, a life friend.

If you continue to read, you will hopefully see that I face many challenges in life, like any other person. I battle pride, food-lovin’ obesity, procrastination, fear, laziness.  I am human.  My failings are endless, but so is my God. To every problem I face and every challenge I battle, my God is infinitely greater.  I hope that as you read this blog, even in the random life occurrences, like falling up an escalator, you, my reader, will find a glimpse of Christ.  He is the reason I live.  He is the love I don’t deserve, the strength I desperately need, the joy I cannot sustain, he is everything.  I pray my journey through life as it is written out here will be used to encourage and uplift you.  Though my purpose in blogging is entirely an outlet to express my thoughts, I hope they can be used by God in your life.  Happy reading!