Seeds of Identity

As I drove into work today, I was captivated by the red mountains as they shined in the glow of morning light.  They were as red as Mars.  It was breathtakingly beautiful.  I find nature in all of its seasons and forms breathtaking as they point to my Creator God.  Each season has a purpose and is full of beauty.  Summer is a season of life, a season of preparing for harvest. Autumn is a season of harvest and transition.  Winter is a season of rest while getting ready for planting, often times starting the seed at home to be planted in the ground in the spring.  Spring is the season of planting and blossoming new life.

Although we are still in the autumn season, my life would seem to be in winter.  God brought me to a place of complete surrender where I chose to let go of my dreams.  Everything I ever thought I wanted had to go completely dormant for new life to grow according to God’s destiny and purpose for my life.  The moment I laid down every dream and hope I had for myself, I made room for God to plant in me His dreams, hopes, plans, and destiny. And when I went to a conference last week, that is exactly what He did (and continues to do).


Although I feel like new life is coming forth, I am not completely out of the winter.  If you live in a four season climate with heavy snowfall, you know that in order to have a summer garden, you will often plant some things in the middle of winter in your homes.  That is the best way to describe where I am.  The snow and ice are melting as I continue to surrender my hopes and dreams, and God is planting new seeds into the home of my heart and mind. He has given me the picture of the garden to see what the fruit He will bring will look like, but without the seeds He is planting now, I won’t be able to reap the harvest he has destined for me to reap.

He began planting seeds of identity: warrior seeds, child of God seeds, powerful seeds, alive in Christ seeds, beloved seeds, fearless seeds, mouthpiece of God seeds, Shalom wholeness seeds, kindness seeds.  It continues as every day He speaks to who He says that I am.  He calls things as the way they will be not always the way they are.  I may not feel kind, loved, or fearless, but I declare that I am because that is what my God is saying about me. I may not feel like a warrior, but I declare that I am because that is what my God says about me. Every day God is showing me His thoughts about me, and each one is so timely in speaking to something specific that is happening in my life.

As God plants these seeds into my mind, and as they take root and grow, they will open up into a beautiful garden.  There will come a day in a spring season when God will move these seeds to a garden where people will be able to see it.  There will come a day when I will get to share each and every plant with my neighbors and help them plant their own gardens of identity. And that is the new destiny and new dream that God has given me.  Without the seeds He is planting and teaching me about now, I wouldn’t be able to plant those seeds in others and help them grow into powerful men and women with identity and purpose. He is transforming me so that I can one day help transform others. And with that dream, new life and hope sprouts in the dead of winter.


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