My Mismatched Identity

When asked in the book, Without Rival, by Lisa Bevere, “Do you find it difficult to describe yourself outside of what you do? If so, why?” I decided to journal my answer. It started out with a resounding yes, but why? I wrote this, and it describes why too well:

I’ve defined myself by what God has called me to instead of what He calls me.

He doesn’t call me missionary and teacher. He has called me to teach and to spread His love. My whole life has been working toward that goal, and as I’ve been stuck in transition for 3 years, it has become all too obvious that my identity has been wrapped up in what I thought I was called to do.

No, my identity is what God says that I am. He calls me His little warrior. He calls me His perfectly made daughter. He calls me beautifully precious to Him. He says I am chosen. He says I am a conqueror with Christ Jesus. He says I am whole and forgiven. He says that I am His, and He is mine.

I write. I blog. I teach. I love. Those don’t define me, they only help shape me.


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