Mountains of Life

This came up on my Facebook memories today, so I thought I would reshare it and add some pictures from the hike I mentioned here.  I love looking at these pictures and reading about it because that was a wonderful summer!  I looked so healthy, too!!!  I want to get back to that again.  So here is a post that is 5 years old.

Monday, June 27, 2011

One foot in front of the other. Keep moving. Keep breathing.  My breaths became shorter as I trekked, pushed, and endured to the top of the mountain.  Never was breathing so difficult and never did I feel so out of shape.  As I reached the peak of our stopping point and plopped on the ground, I slowly regained my breath and sat in awe of the majestic view before me.  A view not created by human hands or a cosmic boom, but a view created by a majestic God to display just that, his majesty.  Only then did I discover that this was not a mountain, but merely a foot hill to the mountains that towered ahead of me.  Yet, I felt like I had just climbed a mountain.


Still the view was majestic and beautiful, and the principles I learned were priceless! Looking back on my life, I can think of many foot hills I had to go through and even a mountain or two.  The climb was so difficult.  There were many times I only made it by the grace of my Father carrying me through it.  My Grandma’s entire battle against cancer was full of foothills, peaks, and more steep mountains, but through it all, God brought me to the top only to see his hand in it all.

283055_10150332848940540_294136_nAnother example was my obsession with an elementary crush.  It started so cute and innocent, but quickly got bad in my life.  God had to take me through many mountains, valleys, foothills, and journeys to come to a point where he wanted me to see his love.  The love of the world does not come close to the love he has for me. After God took me through this long journey, I felt more content and loved by God than my entire life put together.

I know there will be many more mountains I will face in my lifetime, but I also know that once God brings me to the top, He will be waiting for me.  It is in these mountain top experiences that we have something to look back on and remember who God is in us, to us, and for us.  It seems that every mountain I remember is also a reminder of why I worship God; just as today when I reached the top of the mountain all I could do was worship God.


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