To Delight in Him

Whenever I am with a little baby, especially if I am holding him or her, I am compelled to speak destiny into the little child.  I tell them they are handsome or beautiful.  I tell them that they have  destiny and purpose, and I speak life and joy into them.  I tell them how strong and mighty God is and that they are going to be overcomers.  I tell them how they are wonderful and loving and how they light up the room.  I just speak love and truth over them as much as possible.

Tonight was really no different.  I looked into the beautiful baby girl’s eyes and spoke truth and life to her.  She just sat there listening to every word and eating it all up.  She would smile and smirk and smile some more with every single thing I said.  And to be honest, I was smiling a goofy smile, too.  Then I felt like Abba Father said to me, “This is the response I am looking for when I declare your destiny and identity back to you.” As I continued to speak into this sweet baby’s life, tears began to roll down my cheek.

I had been feeling a little bit of a block in my worship, so much so I began sketching an image into my journal of a boulder being pried out by a shovel. And when God spoke to me in that moment it was all wiped away by His overwhelming love.  Sometimes it is hard for me to sense God is there or to hear Him speaking to me when I feel no emotional connection.  It was like God was saying, just let me love you.  Just let me tell you who I made you to be, and just sit and take it in.  You don’t have to do anything to receive it.  You just have to listen and delight in me.  Delight in my truth.  Delight in my destiny for you.  Delight in my love.

That is exactly what the baby girl was doing.  She was just delighting herself in everything I said, in the specific attention I was giving her.  How much more should I delight in the specific attention of my Father!  How much more shall I just sit and smile in the radiance of His love!  If you were to look up this word delight in your dictionary, it would give you the simple definition of finding pleasure in something, but as I ponder this whole scenario I am led to look up the word for delight as written in Psalm 37, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

The Hebrew word used in Psalm 37 is much more meaningful than simply, “Find joy in God.” It means to be soft, delicate, and dainty, to be pampered, to be happy about or take exquisite delight, to make merry of, and to be pliable.”  In other words, to delight in the Lord is to allow Him to mold your heart and speak into it, like a loving Father speaking loving truth to His baby girl. By pouring His heart out on me, He molds me and makes me into who He wishes me to be.  And that brings such joy at the same time.  I want to delight in my Father like that!  I want to not only find pleasure and joy in listening to Him, but I want it to take such a deep root that it actually begins to change me from the inside out.

Speak your truth over me, over my heart, Lord, and I will delight in You!


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