Lion of Judah


A friend of mine painted a gorgeous picture of a lion for another friend.  I’m not going to lie, it was hard to fight the jealousy.  It was a beautiful picture, and I wanted a replica.  (It unfortunately is not the one below) As I was staring at her painting during worship at Arise bible study last night, I was inspired to write a poem.  Here it is for your enjoyment.


He is the Lion
He is the superior King of all things,
And all things tremble at His roar.
Yet He is love.
His mane is like a field of wheat radiating in the glory of the sunrise.
His eyes are deep pools of kindness
Drawing me in—
To repentance
To fellowship
To intimacy.
He is the Lion of Judah,
And He is my God.

I long to be His alone
I long to be with Him,
To know his heart.
Yet I know my place is here
So, I gaze into His eyes of love and grace
I am captivated by them.
I bask in the glory that falls when His mane shakes—
In my life
In my city
In the nations.
I want more of Him,
His glory
His wholeness
His love
His grace
His kindness
His everything
I want it all.

Come, Oh Lion of Judah!
Roar over me.
Shake your mane over my heart.
Let me gaze into your eyes.
Captivate me with your presence.


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