Ducky with an Afro

Being a substitute teacher, sometimes kids will ask me the most random things.  Once during a morning meeting and sharing time, all the kids shared something good that happened or is soon happening to them.  They then asked me what good think I wanted to share.  After some thought, I told them about the poetry writing I have been doing.  After sharing one of my poems, one little girl comes up to me with a big smile and asks, “Can you write a poem about a ducky with an afro?” Well, dear readers, here is what she got.


Ducky with an Afro

Ducky with an afro,
you think you’re so fantastic.
Really you are noting
but a crazy hair fanatic.

You have painted your hair blue,
and you have cut it short and stout.
You have made it look all messy,
and gone a year without.

You have braided it with wire
and made it stick straight up.
You have even made it look
like a golden winner’s cup.

You’ve striped it like a rainbow
and striped it like a skunk.
You’ve shaped it like a treetop
and shaped it like a monk.

Ducky with an afro,
you think you’re super cool.
But really,
I gotta tell ya,
you look like a fool.


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