Ducks with Hats

In an effort to stretch my creative mind, I am challenging myself to post one poem or prose piece every week on Tuesdays.  Today is the first official day of that Poetry Pros challenge.  I am by no means a poetry pro, but I can write poetry and prose.  This is a poem inspired by a very creative girl in one of my classrooms.


Ducks with Hats

I was going to the park
to insure the ducks were fed.
I planned to bring them something,
so I grabbed some week-old bread.
When I walked up to the pond,
oh what a sight I saw!
Each duck was swimming to and fro
and proudly wore a hat to show.

One looked extremely clumsy
bumping into all the other ducks,
but luckily he was the one wearing
the football helmet of Andrew Luck.
Then I saw one splashing water
as if everyone else was flaming with fire.
Ironically, he was the one
wearing the hat of a fireman.

There was one who must have thought
an artist she once was,
for sitting on her tiny head
was a black beret with colorful painted fuzz.
Another must have thought the water
was as cold as the northern pole,
for covering her from head to nose
was a fluffy, woolen hat the color of a rose.

One who looked extra goofy
must have been the flock’s own clown.
He swam around in his crazy way,
and he wore a jester cap of blue and brown.
Another glided and flew
like a dancer giving a show.
He wore a pinstriped fedora
and moved to jazz playing on Pandora.

Still another wore a gardening hat,
and as she waddled to the flowers,
the ribbons flapped in the wind.
One wore a red and white striped hat that towered
like a skyscraper on his head.
One looked regal and formal,
like she was the queen going to tea,
wearing a hat embroidered with flowers and bees.

One was in a baseball cap;
another was a cowboy.
One was in a pirate hat;
another was a knight of Troy.
And you probably don’t beleive me
when I tell you what I saw.
for when I went back to the pond
all the ducks with hats were gone.


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