Heaven’s Shore

When I close my eyes
and think of heaven,
I imagine deep blue seas
crystal, clear, and sandy.
The waves crash onto the paradise shore
met by white sands
shining like micro diamonds
reminding me of all the thoughts
of love My Jesus has for me.
And with His hand in mine,
we walk.
For the first time,
and for all of eternity,
we walk,
we talk,
we intimately share
like old friends at a reunion.

And like pen pals who finally meet,
we sit in the soft sand,
watching the sun dance on the water
in brilliant arrays of color,
and we share intimate details,
the deep thoughts and stories
which letters couldn’t hold.
And then the worship begins anew.
As the angelic choir
declares His greatness,
I sit.
Like a girl adoring her father,
like a bride treasuring her husband,
I sit,
I worship
I exalt,
My King,
My God,
My Lord,
My Love,
My Friend,
My Everything,
My Jesus.


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