The Oasis in the Desert

I recently went to a friend’s house for her birthday.  I went and lived life with her, and in doing so, we went to a college party for Chi Alpha. At first, it was kinda meh.  It was a Glam Lumberjack Jam, so there were lots of “lumberjack” costumes. So it was cool to see all of the costumes, but it was also a lot of people for me.  I learned a lot about myself that night.

I am not an extrovert.  I do not like going to parties full of strangers.  I always thought I was a social butterfly, but that is only when I know a large number of the people, like in my tiny hometown. But even then, I was never invited to the parties outside of church, and I probably wouldn’t have gone if I was invited.  When I don’t know most of them, I might go and hope to meet someone, but I really stay on the sides.  I stay in my seat.  I stay in my comfortable little bubble and pull out a book on my iPad. I am an introvert who is in need of intimate friendships.

It’s no wonder I have lived in Colorado for a year and 9 months and not made a single friend that I can just hang out with and watch a movie and then talk about the spiritual struggles we are going through.  All my life I have been blessed with a wealth of friends to pour into me and visa versa. And now, it feels like a desert where the only friend is Jesus.  Don’t get me wrong, He is great, but it is hard to “watch a movie” with Jesus without being super spiritual.

Two days after I got home from my trip, my husband lost his job. I began to get sub jobs, which was great, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned. I immediately began figuring out how long we had before we needed money again.  I began calculating. We sold some stuff on Craigslist, but it was hard to trust God. It was a conscious choice, a “trust the Lord, oh my soul,” moment. The desert was widening.

God, what are you doing.  I know your hand is in it, but what are you doing?

Laghi di Ubari

I took a four-day sub job a few days ago, and it has turned into a long-term sub job.  I will be working every day from now until Christmas.  Once again, God comes through, causing this job to swing right into my lap.  He provided.

Also this week, a new friendship seems to be blossoming. I wore an Avenger’s shirt to church and she approached me. She is a fellow nerd, and as we were hanging out yesterday, I began to sense that God had answered another prayer.  And this is so like my God.  He comes through exactly when we need it most, causing an oasis to appear in the middle of the desert, and it is here that I can say confidently—

He is faithful!


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