Seeking His Kingdom

In my prayer time this morning, as I was waiting on God’s prodding and direction, He brought to light an error in my reasoning and actions.  It is entirely possible to live a life full of good and wonderful deeds and accomplish amazing goals, but to miss the most important thing of all: living for the sake of the Kingdom of Christ.

Lately, I have been focused on a few really good things, important and necessary things even.  I have tried to be the “good wife” who cleans and cooks (I fail.  A lot.) I have tried to be healthy in my food choices and in joining a gym.  I even try to be the “good Christian” who seeks God daily, not religiously, but in total commitment to Him. These are all wonderful things that I don’t plan to give up because they are a part of me becoming the best version of myself, the best version God wants me to be. However, if I do nothing to further the Kingdom of Christ, which is the will of God, I have accomplished nothing.

At the end of my life, God isn’t going to look at my life and make sure I cleaned all the dishes, did all the laundry, and cooked healthy meals.  Those are important things in being a steward of the life, resources, and body He has given me, but they do not add value to my life; they are not my purpose. I am here to seek God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength and to do the will of God, which is to further His kingdom. Jesus says it this way in Matthew 6, “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” I need not worry about getting it all right.  I need not worry about where things are coming from.  I need not busy myself with all the things of this world that make me seem to be the “perfect” person.  They may be important, but they will never be as important as seeking the Kingdom of God and living toward the eternal purpose of the Kingdom of God.

So what does that look like? Surely it doesn’t mean I am testifying to the gospel every single day and therefore bringing in fleets of people to the Kingdom, though that would be awesome! Seeking and living for the eternal purpose of the Kingdom means I am seeking God every day.  It means He is the center and core of my life.  It means I am listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit who teaches me and shows me how and what to pray.  It means I am interceding for my family, my sphere of influence, and the nations.  It means I am open to the voice and prodding of the Holy Spirit to share the gospel when appropriate.  It means I am looking for opportunities God gives me to be a light of love.  It means I live with love and intentionality.  It means I am planting seeds, watering them, and prayerfully harvesting sometimes according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, for it is in Him alone that I accomplish anything of value for the kingdom.  It means I am an open and willing vessel who aligns herself daily with her Heavenly Father.

God, what can I do today for your kingdom?


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