A Hidden Miracle in Asia

In 2010, I was home for the summer, and Mama felt it was necessary for me to go to the dentist.  It had been a couple years, and a check-up was overdue.  I got to the dentist for the exam and cleaning.  There were more cavities than I care to admit.  The x-rays, however, revealed a deeper underlying problem.  I had one wisdom tooth rather than four, and it was coming in at an angle. The dentist told me that I would need to have it removed sooner than later because it could damage the roots and make my teeth crooked.

Trying to ignore the dentist’s advice since I didn’t even know where to begin (it was a small town dentistry, and they couldn’t do it there) nor did I have the money for the extraction, I went about life. I worked, I went to college, and I went to Central Asia.  There was no pain all that while.

It wasn’t until I was in Central Asia, almost a year later, that shooting pain began to exude from my jaw. I didn’t know what was wrong, but I feared it may be my wisdom tooth.  I had ignored it, and now it was a problem in a country where I had no way to have it extracted.  The team prayed for me, and I went to the dorm to swish some Listerine around my back molars. The pain went away immediately.

Again, I continued life.  My approach to dentists has long since been to avoid them until necessary. I went back to school, work, and dating; I returned to life as a young twenty-something college student. Soon it was 2012, the year I worked with Royal Family Kids Camp; still, there was no pain.  Then 2013 rolled around, the year I married my best friend and graduated college. Still no pain.  In 2014, we moved to Colorado and started to transition from college students to real-life young adults.  Life without friends was a challenge, but still, there was no pain. And now, here we are in 2015.  My back molar on the opposite side began to decay.  I finally reached that point of necessity and found a dentist.

I looked at the x-ray in complete amazement.  I told my new dentist my story from 2011 when I was experiencing pain in Central Asia and how I only had one wisdom tooth which was coming in at an angle.  He decided to take a panorama.  And there it was, the proof of what God really did in Central Asia almost four years ago.

Notice the crooked tooth in the top picture in the bottom left---that is the wisdom tooth.  Now look at the bottom one from a couple days ago.  It is completely straight.
Notice the crooked tooth in the top picture in the bottom left—that is the wisdom tooth. Now look at the bottom one from a couple days ago. It is completely straight.

I have had no surgery.  I have had no braces.  God literally straightened my tooth a good 45 degrees while I was in Central Asia!  Nothing is impossible for God!


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