Saying “I Love You” Without Actually Saying It

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, a holiday that has nothing to do with St. Valentine and everything to do with love and romance.  In fact, according to my reliable Wikipedia source, the closest thing to romance that is related to St. Valentine is that he performed wedding ceremonies for “soldiers forbidden to marry.” Yet, in our culture today, it is a holiday of flowers, cards, candy, and women (in general) asking to be wooed and swept off their feet in a shower of love from their “Valentine.”  Someone had posted on Facebook yesterday a video of an elderly couple who had been married for 56 years that showed them trying to say why or what they love about each other without saying the words, “I love you.” With that…


To My Wonderful Orion,

You are my spiritual warrior.  You pray for me constantly, and you show me what it means to live out my faith.  You challenge me to be the best version of myself.  You teach me how to war in the spiritual realm. You are my best friend.  You know me better than I know myself sometimes.  You are the one I can have a blast with no matter what.  You make the mundane fun.  You make me smile and laugh.  You give me joy daily. You are my provider.  You strive to provide everything we need.  We are blessed in part because of you. You are loving to me.  You show me love by your words every day. “You’re beautiful,” “You’re amazing,” “You’re wonderful,” are just a few of the things you say that make me feel loved.  You show me love when you take out the trash or help me do the dishes when I ask.  You show me love by scratching my back every night. You are the part of my life I wish to never change.  You are my first and my only.  We may move, I may change my hairstyle, we may get different jobs, or we may start raising a family someday.  There are so many things that could change in life.  You will always be constant.  Always there, always my friend, always loving me, always being the amazing you that I will never regret choosing.  My life is better with you. And the best part as I look through this very brief list, I realize that all the things I love about you in my life are true of Jesus, too.  Which tells me just how much you love me like Christ loves the church, just like the Bible says to do.  You are an answer to prayer, and I am so thankful to have you.  I am forever blessed because I have you. So remember, my love, when I say, “I love you,” I mean all of this and so much more! Love, Your Nuka


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