Getting Feisty

Honorary Oct. 10th post one morning late:

I had a hard time posting yesterday because I was so busy and I was in pain.  I thought I knew exactly what I was going to write, but as I lay in bed where I finally had the time to write, my pain was giving me flashbacks to my first ear surgery in May 2013.  The pain in my left ear, the same ear I had surgery on, was so acute and sharp like a thousand needles being thrust into a pin-pointed place.  I felt like I was back at home post surgery with that same exact pain piercing my ear and comfort, but one thing was different.

This time, rather than wanting to blame God, yell at Him, and avoid Him, I wanted to run into our prayer room and karate chop the devil in the face.  I just wanted to shout it out at the devil, “I am free in the name of Jesus!  Your hold on my health has been relinquished.  So back off!  I am a blood bought child of the King of Kings.  Your generational ties of sickness have been cut off from my life all the way to Adam.  You are finished.  It is final.  In the name of Jesus, LET GO!” However, it was 11:00 at night and I really couldn’t shout anything in the apartment.  I started drifting into a painful sleep as I waited for my wonderful husband to return from buying/getting pain medication.

You see, I went to the doctor.  This wasn’t supposed to continue.  I did what the doctor said; I bought the Afrin nasal decongestants and took some sinus decongestants.  All the pressure build up from sinus congestion that was causing pain in my eustachian tube and jaw was supposed to leave, but it wasn’t.

So, I’m about to get feisty.  God is sovereign and He is in control, but I also know the truth of the word.  If the Son has set me free, I am free indeed, and I have been delivered from the same recurring pattern of sickness. By the stripes Jesus took on the cross, I am healed.  God’s work is complete and whole.  The devil is a liar and thief, and He, by the authority of Christ, has stolen his LAST bit of my health, ESPECIALLY in my ears!

There is freedom in the name of Jesus!  There is healing in the name of Jesus!  I am sick and tired of the stronghold the enemy has over my family’s health.  These walls are coming down!!! If I have to take it down brick by brick in the spiritual realm through prayer and revelation from God, I will do it until every stone of this stronghold is torn down.  This is my Jericho, and I will circle it in prayer until God has the victory!

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