Cleaning Up Habits and Perspectives

I have avoided things in my house all week.  The dishes had piled up in the sink.  Half unpacked boxes were strewn across the living room floor.  Art supplies had blanketed the table in chaos. The bedroom floor had piles of clothes to be hung or piled again in wait for the dresser.  You are probably beginning to get an idea of what my home looked like.  It wasn’t pretty.

If I were to be honest with myself, I was really avoiding this stay-at-home responsibility.  It isn’t what I want from life right now, but it is what I have.  I read a post today about a stay at home mom who was calling out all the other complaining stay at home moms.  Though I do not have kids yet, I was challenged by her post.  Until God begins swinging the doors open wide for teaching (which I am believing will be soon!), I am a stay at home wife.  Instead of bucking the gender-role responsibility and complaining to myself about the expectations put on me, I need to be thankful.

Instead of being annoyed that it is my assumed responsibility to clean everything, I need to be thankful that I have a beautiful new home to clean.  Instead of being annoyed that it is my job to clear the table (even thought it was my mess) and do the dishes, I need to be thankful that I have a table to clean, dishes to put away, and plenty of food to cook and dirty dishes with.  Instead of being annoyed by the piling laundry and daunting task of organizing said laundry, I need to be thankful that I have plenty of clothes to dirty.  It is all a matter of perspective.

And with that, I cleaned house today.  I finally finished cleaning.  The boxes in the living room were consolidated to one and stored with the others in the closet.  (Unpacking is a work in progress, especially as you near the last few boxes of randomness) I finally organized my box of craft supplies and cleared the table, which in doing so I discovered that I will soon need a bigger box. I finally hung up almost all the clothes except for two boxes.  (I may have to go through and put some in a garage sale.  Oy! And yet, it feels like I still need clothes, mostly jeans).  I finally did the dishes.  I finally have a CLEAN home.  And it feels good.

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2 thoughts on “Cleaning Up Habits and Perspectives

    1. Thanks. It started out just being about getting stuff done, but it morphed into something deeper. Writing every day has been challenging and rewarding.

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