He is the Vine

I recently wrote a post about what it means to me to abide in Christ, about a new level that God was calling me to.  As I sat down this morning, I found it incredibly hard to focus on my prayer and devotions.  I have so much work to do, and I could hardly focus on God.  I felt God reeling me back in, calling me out of my spiritual slumber and laziness back to the verse about abiding. He was whispering to my soul, “Abide, Megan.  Seek me.  Position yourself to hear from me.  Do not stray.  Come back to me.” And he wooed me in, not into a solemn, heavy sense of His presence, but to a, “Yes, God! Help me to abide in your presence.  Help me to push past the ‘feels’ and trust that you are there.  Help me to sense your presence around me more.  I need you!”

Poster of John 15:5&7 (AMP) that I made and hung in my bathroom.
Poster of John 15:5&7 (AMP) that I made and hung in my bathroom.

The truth is, I haven’t been abiding like I should.  I haven’t been doing a lot that I should.  But God’s love draws me back, helps me crawl back in His arms, the only place I belong.  And with that the potter takes to His wheel again, molding me into a form that hopefully will look like His Son someday.  I have so many habits I need to break, and it is hard.  There are thought patterns that need to be broken so that I can truly understand what it means to abide in Him and live it out daily.

That is why I will hang it on my wall, why I will post it on my blog.  He does the same thing for us all, woo us and call us into something bigger than ourselves, something beyond our expectations of ourselves.  He calls us to a deeper, wider, better relationship with Him… if we let Him. So post it on your wall, your fridge, your mirror, above your dresser, and remind yourself to seek Him back!  God longs for YOU!

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