The Beauty of Seasons

I love the change of seasons, especially spring and fall.  Spring brings the promise of life and beauty from the sleep of winter and fall brings the warmth and comfort of cold nights by the fire, trees changing colors, the aroma of pumpkin pies or apple dumplings filling the air, and sweaters.  There is just something I love about sitting in my big chair with a blanket, cup of coffee, and the gentle breeze through the screen door while I am reading a book, blogging, or just basking in the beauty of God outside the window.


Fall is one of the many things that constantly remind me of the beauty of my Creator.  The trees changing colors, the mountains painted with the rosy shades of red in the morning glow of sunshine, or the soft purples and pinks that fall behind the mountains creating a mountainous blue silhouette–these and many more remind me of God’s beauty! There are the stars that fill the sky with diamonds, the mingled hues of a sunrise, and the trees swaying in the wind, the way a campfire dances on coals of glowing ember and flowers press through the hard frozen ground to emerge in beauty and splendor.  I marvel at God’s creation.

I marvel at how we, God’s creation, are so wonderfully complex, and, like all of nature, we also go through seasons.  In every season, there is beauty.  In the waiting seasons, in the new beginnings, in the studying, in the teaching, in every area of life, there is beauty.  May God begin to show you the beauty of the world around you, of the season you are in, and may you actually stop to enjoy it, to praise Him for it!

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