It is that time of the week where I get to take five minutes and write something based on one word, no editing or back tracking.  This is Five-Minute-Fridays.  I have taken a long break from it, but here it is again.  Ready.


I am ready. I had to call my loans yesterday to put them in forbearance again.  I am ready to have a good job.  I am ready to pay my bills and be an adult.  I am ready to have my own place.  I am ready to have the life I have dreamt of. I am ready to get out of this nomadic, static place of nothing.  I am ready to accomplish something with my life.

I wasn’t made for this.  I wasn’t made for marathons of Bones.  I wasn’t made for being stuck at home.  If I had a child, I may enjoy it more.  I don’t know.  I wasn’t made for what life has been.  I am ready for change.

Yet, I am held back.  Yet, it all seems so close, yet so elusive.  Yet, it feels as though it will never come.

Ready Launch Pad.001

It is like I am stuck at the beginning of my new race.  I finished the school race.  I finished the “growing up” race (for the most part).  And it is like I have been stuck on the launch pad of living life for the last nine months.  It is like the race of life zooms past, and I am stuck.

God, I am ready.  Make me ready.  Make it all happen.

Feel free to join Kate Motaung and many other writers around the world every Friday for Five-Minute-Fridays.  You can find more information on Kate’s Blog or the Five-Minute-Fridays Facebook page


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