America, The Beautiful

Thirteen years ago, the biggest tragedy since Pearl Harbor shook our country. Many lives were lost, and a war began. There was pain, hurt, tears, and something beautiful. There was unity in America again. I can’t imagine the pain that the families directly affected by 9/11 felt; I can’t imagine what those in New York, what those that survived, have carried all this time.  But there was something so beautiful in the wake of the tragedy.


Suddenly, as our world crumbled to the ground, as pain and terror threatened the life we knew, we gained perspective.  It didn’t matter if we were republican or democrat, liberal or conservative.  It didn’t matter if we were Catholic, Protestant, Agnostic, or Atheist.  It didn’t matter if we were gay or straight.  Our perspective shifted from ourselves to each other, to the hurting neighbor, to the wounded heroes, to the welfare of our nation as a whole.  The world stopped and we stopped caring about our agenda, our plans, our dreams, ourselves.

Isn’t that the way it should be?

We did the same thing when Robin Williams died.  We were all hurting and for a brief moment we grieved together.  We loved each other.  We were united. This is beauty, and this is what America SHOULD be… always, not just in tragedy. It is what humanity should be like.  So, in honor of that horrific day, in honor of all those people whose lives were taken thirteen years ago, in honor of the lives given to save others, let’s rise up America.

Let’s love more.

Let’s care more.

Let’s put others above ourselves more.

Let’s be neighbors more.

Let’s search for that common ground more.

Let’s fight less.

Let’s put ourselves first less.

Let’s unify, as one nation, as one melting pot nation.


Let’s remember… we are all the same though we are different.

Let’s remember… our heroes who fight for our freedom.

Let’s remember… our heroes who acted as first responders on 9/11 and every other day

Let’s remember… America, the way it should be.

And let’s make America what it should be.


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