The Heart’s Pursuit by Robin Lee Hatcher

_240_360_Book.1213.coverThe Heart’s Pursuit by Robin Lee Hatcher is a compelling book of adventure, intrigue, and romance as Silver Matlock and Jared Newman travel by horseback through 19th century Rocky Mountain terrain in pursuit of an outlaw.  They think they need to find the man who ruined their lives, but they really need emotional healing.  Silver was left at the altar by her thief of a fiancé, who had run off with all her family’s money.  Jared is after the man who murdered his family and left him hurt and alone in the world. It is a beautiful story that compels you from chapter to chapter (Which in cases like myself where you can easily be addicted to a book, it creates a beautiful day devouring the entire thing in one sitting.)  Robin Lee Hatcher is an accomplished author, and I have not been let down by a single one of her books.

Though I do love the book, I must only give it four out of five stars. The reason being, it is too Hallmark.  It is inspirational and romantic and completely, utterly, and entirely predictable (though I admit that I still gasped at something I had already suspected).  It is a beautiful novel that leaves you with that aww-shucks, gooey, romantic feeling.  It is clean.  It is predictable, but it is good.  The only difference between this book and a Hallmark movie is that it didn’t make me cry.

However, I was still on the edge of my seat.  I still was compelled to keep reading.  I still wanted to know how the two stories would intersect.  I still wanted to know if they would get married, be engaged, or if it would all be implied.  I still was dragged through the drama of what would happen to the evil man they were after.  I still was left hoping that this or that person wouldn’t betray them.  I still had to know if the Matlock family would survive the robbery from Silver’s fiancé.  It is for this predictable, yet so compelling reason that I still gave it a high rating.

I also gave it a fairly high rating because I like novels that do more than entertain.  This one didn’t have a strong case for thematic lessons, but there was an aspect of forgiveness that I appreciated.  Silver even makes the powerful statement to “not let what happened harden your heart… It is you who will suffer because of it.”  She points out that the one who inflicted the pain won’t lose any sleep over it, and worrying does no good.  So many times people take it on as their right to be bitter, hard, and unforgiving, but it only hurts themselves.  I appreciated this undertone in the novel aside from the entertainment.

If you are a sucker for romantic, predictable, inspirational novels, than this is a perfect fit!

You can buy it on Amazon here.

I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers <> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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