Willing to Be Made Willing

I have started reading a powerful book by Norman Grubb about a Welsh coal miner whom God calls to deep intercession. It is Rees Howells Intercessor. I got to chapter five and had to read it twice. It struck a chord with me, almost as if the Holy Spirit was asking the same thing of me. He asked Rees (and me) the following questions…

As the Saviour had a body, so I dwell in the cleansed temple of the believer. I am a Person. I am God, and I am come to ask you to give your body to Me that I may work through it. I need a body for My temple, but it must belong to Me without reserve, for two persons with different wills can never live in the same body. Will you give Me yours? But if I come in, I come as God, and you must go out. I shall not mix Myself with your self….

On no account will I allow you to cherish a single thought of self, and the life I will live in you will be one hundred percent for others. You will never be able to save yourself, any more than the Saviour could when He was on earth. Now, are you willing?

Do I even understand what the Holy Spirit is asking? Do I even understand how selfish I am? Do I even understand how much I need the Holy Spirit to even begin to do what he is asking? How can I be willing to do something that I don’t even fully understand.


But then the Holy Spirit asked Rees, “If you can’t be willing, would you like me to help you? Are you willing to be made willing?”

I can honestly say that. Yes! I am willing to be made willing. I am willing for you, Holy Spirit, to come into my life in a tangible way and invade everything that stands for me: my pride, my dreams, my ambitions, my self. I am willing to give you my all. I am willing to be made willing for you to make less of me and more of you.

And I know that, “When the Holy Ghost enters, He comes in to ‘abide forever.'” Abide forever in me, Holy Spirit!


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