Following God not Man

It has been a while since I have blogged.  It isn’t that I haven’t been doing my devotions, but I just haven’t been learning anything big and blogable lately.  Something stuck out to me today, though, that I thought I might share.

In 1 Kings 13 Jeroboam was ruling over Israel and he was not serving God… at all.  Then a man of God, a prophet, comes and basically says that Jeroboam will be overthrown.  Long story short, Jeroboam didn’t like what the man of God had to say, but he quickly saw that he spoke the message of God. Jeroboam invited the man of God to go to the palace, eat, and receive a gift from him.  The man of God responds, “Even if you gave me half of everything you own, I would not go with you.  I would not eat or drink anything in this place.  For the Lord gave me this command: “You must not eat or drink anything while you are there, and do not return to Judah by the same way you came.'” (v. 8-9)

But then as the story continues, an old prophet finds this man of God on the road.  He says an angel sent by God told him to bring this man of God home to give him food and something to drink.  He flat-out lied to the man of God.  Persuaded by this man’s words, persuaded by the way he “credited” himself by saying he was hearing from “an angel sent by God,” persuaded by this man supposedly being a prophet as well, the man of God changes his plan.  He disobeys what God had directly told him.  Ultimately, he is killed for it by a lion on his way home after eating and drinking at the old prophet’s house.

As I read that, my thought was, “We cannot depend on others to hear from God for us.” This man knew what was right.  He knew what he was supposed to do, and he disobeyed God because someone else supposedly “heard from God for him.” Do you see how incredibly dangerous this is? We must, MUST, hear from God ourselves.  We must, MUST, seek him ourselves, seek his voice and direction.

If someone gives you a prophetic word, it should confirm what God has already spoken to you.  If it doesn’t, disregard it!!! If God hasn’t spoken to you about something and you receive a prophetic word, pray if it is what God wants for you.  People miss it.  They are people.  We must hear from God ourselves.

I am sure this is just grazing the top of the lessons here.  If you see something else, feel free to comment.


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