Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men

_240_360_Book.1002.coverI ordered this book from Book Look Bloggers for my husband by his request, so naturally he is a guest reviewer today.  From the little I read, I can reiterate everything my husband says in his review.  Men need to understand their roles as men, just as women do.  The waters have been muddled for so long, and this is a great book to bring clarity to the subject of manly men.  Here is my husband’s review:

“Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men… Where to start? Wow, an awesome book! I would recommend this for any guy, I would even recommend this for a church small group. He takes real men from history and tells their story and what made them a manly man. At the end of every chapter there are questions to discuss or ponder internally. I will admit, I don’t feel like the manliest man in the world. I don’t prefer getting dirty and lifting weights. I am more of the guy who loves to work with computers and deal with technology. So for me I didn’t think I was that much of a man. Sure I love some manly things like guns and the Bourne Movies but sometimes I didn’t feel like I am much of a man compared to others, until I read this book. I realized that being a man takes humor, friendships, finding your own quest, taking care of your own household and other things. I realized manhood is found in God’s eyes and it takes being real with yourself and with others. It takes passing on the torch and mentoring others.

The culture today has tried to tear down the walls and boundaries between manhood and womanhood. The feminine movement has tried to tear down the man and his importance. Please don’t get me wrong, the feminine movement did some great things, it opened the doors for women to work and be treated with more respect. However America is in need of a Masculine Movement now. God created Men to be Men and Women to be Women. One isn’t more important than the other but it takes both to have a family, and for the kingdom to advance on earth. But in the wake of the feminine movement, men have lost the meaning of being a man. Women sometimes don’t let men be men. For men I would recommend this book. For women I would recommend books by Lisa Bevere. These books help define the God given roles for both genders and help both sides understand how to help each other. Once again I am not suggesting that one gender is better than another, I am just suggesting that life is easier when both sides operate inside their roles.

Not only does this book talk about being a manly man, but it has some fun extras. Mansfield has compiled a list of other books on the subject, a list of movies he believes ever man should watch (some might surprise you) and a lists of 50 manly quotes. “
I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLookBloggers®.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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