8 Reasons Dresses Should Have Pockets

Every time my husband and I go on a date, or randomly decide to go out to eat, it seems I am stuck in a pocketless position debating between grabbing a purse of things I don’t need or having my husband just hold my phone in his pocket.  Or should I leave it at home altogether? But that would cause a separation anxiety, which is a different post all in itself.  (slight over-exageration there!) And so I wonder, are designers just not in tune with the 21st century? Why sew a pocket closed? Why give the façade of pockets? Why are women required to carry purses or clutches with very cute dresses? This is something that needs to be fixed, and to my designer friends, the solution is simple.  Design clothes for women with pockets!!!

bridesmaid-dress-with-a-sash-060Dresses with pockets have an automatic 50% increase in probability of me trying it on and/or buying it.  If I was left to choose with an adorable dress with pockets and an adorable dress without pockets, I would choose the dress with pockets. Immediately.  There are many reasons why women need to have pockets.

1. Epicness.

I think this point is pretty self explanatory, but in my humble opinion there is no dress more epic than a dress with pockets.  It is full of awesome!

2. Fashion-forward thinking.

Designers are always looking for the newest edge in design and technique. More and more, it is true, women’s clothing is coming out with pockets, but there is still a gaping hole in the women’s clothing market.  Designers should be filling this void and giving their clothes line an edge above the rest. So lets fix this hole in the industry by creating another hole in the fabric by which we line with more fabric (i.e. a pocket).

3. Cell phones.

We are in a digital age, people.  Even if we go to the movie theater where said phone is to be turned off, we bring our cell phone! It is the ultimate accessory to everything we do.  It is our camera to capture the moments; it is our lifeline to friends and family.  We may or may not devote too much time for it, but the point of this blog is not that, it is to stress the importance of pockets.  If dresses and dress slacks all carried pockets, there would be a place for our cell phones. And besides, those without husbands (who roll their eyes about doing it anyway) don’t have someone to carry our things for us.

4. Simplicity.

Sometimes, we are in a hurry.  We only need our keys, our phone, and a couple bucks.  Boom, pocket! Sure, this might affect the clutch industry, but who wants to carry a clutch? If you are going to do any kind of walking, you suddenly become helpless on one side (unless you are being attacked because every woman knows that a purse or clutch is great for defensive hitting).  You go to coffee with a friend, and then if he asks you to hold his drink, you have to fumble with what to do with this clutch in your hand.  If you had pockets, this wouldn’t be an issue.  You could safely secure a few dollars, even a credit card and ID (they make cute little wallet things that could easily fit in a pocket for these types of payment and situations), a cell phone, and maybe even some chapstick or lipstick.  Pockets.  Women need pockets.

5. Lapel Mic Boxes.

This may not be all women, but women who preach or generally speak in public can totally relate to this one. You are getting ready in the morning, knowing you are going to speak in front of a large audience. If you are expressive, this can easily become something to stress about.  You can’t hold a mic, because you would keep moving it away from your mouth (expressive, remember) and then nobody would hear what you would say.  So the obvious choice is some kind of lapel, but everybody knows that the lapel is hooked to some little box that in some cases can clip to your pants.  If you decide to wear a dress, there is nowhere to put that little box.  However, if dresses had pockets, boom, problem solved.  Slip that little box in the pocket, and inspire people with your words, which everyone can now hear clearly.

6. Keys.

Sometimes, like for me when my husband and I run out of the house, all I need is my keys and my phone.  If I had pockets, I wouldn’t have to wonder, “What do I do with these keys?”

7. Hands Free

As most of these reasons suggest, pockets in dresses would create the ability to truly be hands free.  You could clap a beat when music comes on the radio.  You could stand up and cheer at a baseball game without fidgeting with things in your hand or your purse.  You can do anything with both hands free.  Purses are an answer, I will give you that, but who wants to carry around a bag that you have to keep track of.  Pockets allow you to keep all the valuables close at hand.

8. Travel abroad. 

They always tell you to put things in your front pocket or carry a purse close to your front.  With most tourists, the bag is the easy solution because we tend not to go simple; however, if you are starting to get to know the place and you just want to go down the street of Rome to get some spaghetti for dinner, you may not need the whole kitchen sink.  A nice little pocket with some money, key to your hotel, a phone, and passport, is really all you need. Sometimes, even a photocopy of the passport will do, which is even easier to carry in the pocket.

So, Dear Designers,

I beg you.  I urge you. Please, make dresses, skirts, and pants with pockets! It would do us women a world of good.


4 thoughts on “8 Reasons Dresses Should Have Pockets

  1. I read a story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman called “If I Were a Man” (1914) in which the a woman finds herself in a Freaky Friday-like event where she is inside a man’s body for a day. One of the wonderful things she discovers is pockets! She falls in love with pockets and wishes all women’s clothing had pockets.
    I also read another story (that I sadly don’t remember the title or author) written in the same time period about these women who lived in a closed community and all wore these outfits completely covered in pockets.
    Women have been crying out for pockets for 100+ years! Maybe someone will listen to us at last…

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