Marriage is a Garden

Bed of Tulips

Marriage is a garden.  Every day we are given the opportunity to plant love or hate, joy or anger, forgiveness or bitterness, peace or turmoil.  We plant seeds based on the choices we make each day, to show love when he annoys, to show joy when things are tough, to show forgiveness when he hurts you, to show peace when the road is rocky.

Just as you plant seeds in a garden to see the beauty of flowers or the provision of vegetables, you plant seeds into your marriage to see the beauty.  If you are not planting in your field, how do you expect to gain anything? It would be barren and desolate! The same is with a marriage.  If we do not plant love, grace, mercy, forgiveness in each other every day, we growing a barren and desolate marriage.

Love is more than a decision to spend your life with someone.  It is more than a feeling you can’t control.  In fact, it is quite the opposite!! Love is a choice to daily put your spouse above yourself–a choice to serve like Jesus served!

Like a garden, marriage takes work! Sometimes weeds will come up between you and your spouse that may hurt, but they have to be plucked out.  You have to water it, even after the seeds are planted. And you have to let the Son shine his glorious light into every corner.  For He is the source of the love, forgiveness, and grace.

This Valentine’s Day, be sure you invest in your marriage.  If you are single, that investment could be as simple as praying for your future spouse or investing in your current “marriage” with Jesus!

I promise you, when you plant into your marriage, it will be like a royal garden!

Five Minute Friday is a weekly link-up where bloggers can let loose and “silence the critic within” to just write for five minutes on a one word prompt. This week’s word was… Garden. 

Five Minute Friday


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