Now I Write

It was the middle of September.  I came into my room late because I was working on homework. This was my first time truly away from home, my first semester of college.  The phone rang. It was my mother. Silence fell even after I picked it up. I could tell something was wrong.  Immediately, I said, “Is it Grandma?” My Grandmother had been fighting cancer for about five years now.  Somehow, I knew her time to go home with the Lord was soon approaching.  This call confirmed it.  She was on her death-bed.


My world crumbled that day, and my faith increased.  I wrote. I prayed.  I wrote. I prayed.  This is where my blogging journey began.  Out of my raw emptiness, I wrote to push on.  I wrote to get through.  I wrote to find inner strength.

That was 2009.  Through the years, I have gained more confidence and more passion for writing and blogging.  It has become my dream to be published someday.  Until then, I continue to write.  I continue to filter my experiences and my world through the click of keys and the flow of ideas from mind to page, from experience to literature.

Five Minute Friday is a weekly link-up where bloggers can let loose and “silence the critic within” to just write for five minutes on a one word prompt. This week’s word was… Write. 

Five Minute Friday


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