Pearl of Peace: A Costly Treasure

Pearl of Great Price

Today was very special as God told me to seek his peaceful presence in his own small, grand style.

I was in Starbucks settling in with my Caramel Brulé Latte and my books when the customers next to me commented on my long strand of pearls with a knot in them.  As we struck up a small conversation about things you can do with pearls, I thought nothing of it.  It was just pleasant small talk with strangers.

I opened up Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, my daily devotional and quickly saw that perhaps it wasn’t mere conversation. The first sentence read, “My Peace is the treasure of treasures, the pearl of great price.” I smiled at the “coincidence” of back-to-back pearl references.  I continued to read as the devotional reminded me to seek God’s peaceful presence which was paid by the blood of Christ.  I can approach God because the veil was torn by Christ’s sacrifice.  Jesus came as the Prince of Peace, and it is only because of Him that I can have peace in the chaos and beauty of life.

It was a perfectly timed message from God. Last night, I received some spiritually heart-wrenching news.  Without giving specifics, all I could or can do is pray.  With a heavy heart, I went to bed but woke up several times knowing I needed to pray. It was as if I was half awake and half asleep all night. In light of my lack of sleep and the situation needing prayer, I needed to be reminded to seek God’s peaceful presence.  Only He can give me peace when things I don’t like or understand surround me.

My Starbucks story does not end there.  After reading from Jesus Calling, I learned that one of my new acquaintances was also named Megan.  Megan means, “Great Pearl.” Our very visit and meeting was a God-orchestrated reminder to seek His precious treasure, His pearl of peace.

I am so thankful today for God’s peace, especially as I pray for the needs around me and a potential open door.

Five Minute Friday is a weekly link-up where bloggers can let loose and “silence the critic within” to just write for five minutes on a one word prompt. This week’s word was… Visit. I must confess that I took more than five minutes and was not really inspired by the word of the day.  I was inspired by the event described, but it seemed to fit in a way, and I would have written it regardless of today being FMF. 

Five Minute Friday


6 thoughts on “Pearl of Peace: A Costly Treasure

  1. I love your story and am SO glad you shared it. I truly believe that most Christians ask, “so why doesn’t God make miracles happen any more?” when they are really all around us and God is speaking loud and clear to us…we are so desensitized that most of us miss it. I too had a similar thing happen recently to myself. If you are interested go to my blog or click on my linked in link on Lisa-Jo’s site third one after yours and check out the blog entry entitled “Crown of Thorns”. I encountered this after reading the book Believing God by Beth Moore (which I really recommend by the way) in a chapter that she says that we all need a reminder of God in our lives. Yours has been the pearls and mine a crown of thorns. God Bless Megan!

    P.S. My daughter’s name is also Megean!

  2. Really enjoyed your post. I love connections and seeing the way God’s hand is seen in the weaving together of people who meet, things we read and places we go. Also love Caramel Brulé Latte and Sarah Young’s books. 🙂 Blessings.

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