The Two Way Street of Encouragement


The beauty of friendship and accountability is the two way street of encouragement.  Having a friend to lean on in prayer is invaluable.  Having a friend to encourage and uplift you when you are weak is incomparable.  Having a friend that leans on you and comes to you for encouragement is equally priceless.

When you are encouraged, it lifts your head far enough above the water to take a deep breath.  When you encourage someone else, it is a gift of light in your life.  When I encourage a friend, I feel like my life has meaning because I can see God using me.

Never miss an opportunity to encourage others.  Never miss out on the opportunity to be used by God to help someone along the path God has them on.  Encourage others and be encouraged.

I am sure thankful for the two way friendships I have!

Five Minute Friday is a weekly link-up where bloggers can let loose and “silence the critic within” to just write for five minutes on a one word prompt. This week’s word was… Encourage. 

Five Minute Friday


3 thoughts on “The Two Way Street of Encouragement

  1. One of my spiritual gifts is encouragement. Considering my life before Christ it surprised me. This is a great post. Encouragement is truly a gift in a broken world. Happy FMF!

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