Lollipop Pennies

I was reminded recently of the widow who gave two copper coins yet gave more than all the rich men combined (Mark 12 and Luke 21).  I have heard that story my whole life and I have always thought I understood it.  It is better to give out of obedience and even sacrifice, than to give a lot.  It is amazing how the giving widow changed faces last week.  Suddenly the age fell from her face as she took the form of a little 8-year-old girl.  And I was the recipient of her sacrifice.


Sara (for the sake of this blog) is a girl I have connected with on many levels while student teaching.  Friday last week, she approaches me with a little card and a baggie.  The card had a drawing of what I assume is us, and a note on the inside that said, “You are the best tieshr [teacher]. Love (Sara).” It was such a sweet sentiment.  With it, came an opened lollipop in a baggie.  It looked like someone had licked it and decided to save it for later.  With a grin as she hands it to me, she says, “I washed it!”

In one moment I am thinking Oh hun. That’s disgusting!! But then I realized that this was her sacrificial act of love.  It is all she could come up with as a gift to show me love.  In that moment, she became the widow who gave everything, and therefore gave more than anyone else in the room.

On Sunday, we went to a young adults group where we discussed loving God.  If we were to take the five love languages and try to show God all of them, what would it look like?  God sacrificed everything for me.  My initial response should be to love Him, but how do you love the one who gave his life for you? How do you love someone you can not physically touch or see?  What does quality time with Jesus look like? What does touching Jesus look like? What does serving Jesus look like? What does affirming Jesus look like? What does giving to Jesus look like?

I am challenged by these examples of love.   Jesus loved me so much that he died in my place.  That is the ultimate gift.  Sara loved me so much that she gave everything she could.  Do I love with that kind of abandon?


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