Cycle of LifeTrees are one of the many things I love about nature, especially this time of year.  I love the vibrant colors as summer fades into autumn.  I suppose by now, the colors have even fallen to the ground and the trees have become bare, but even that I find beautiful.  Growing up in North Dakota, the prettiest thing of winter was still trees.  The way they would be white with frost in the morning with the sun’s light glistening on the ice.  It was a beautiful display of the cycle of life.

Trees remind me of life in so many ways.  There are days our life is full of color, a beautiful tapestry of events, people, and blessings.  Other days may seem like it is bare and waiting for beauty.  In those moments, even though life is bare, God’s faithfulness shows and beauty is covered all around us.  And then there are the times when life is full and vibrant like a bright, healthy tree standing through every stormy and sunny summer day.  Every aspect helps color life beautiful.  And like a tree, if these things are not happening, life is not happening.

Today I am linking up with Liza Jo Baker for Five Minute Fridays, a chance to “silence the inner critic. The loudest of all naysayers,” as we write for just five minutes about one word.  This week was “Tree.”

Five Minute Friday


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