A World of Truth (Five Minute Fridays)

In a world full of lies, we need more truth. I am teaching in a school full of broken families and broken homes.  Too many of them do not believe in themselves.  Life has dished them enough lies that they start to believe they are not worthy, beautiful, or intelligent.  Who ever thought lying would solve anything? Lies are destructive.

I wonder what would happen if people embraced truth more.  What would happen if people actually learned to accept the truth rather than burry it in lies?  Maybe high school wouldn’t be so… high school.  Maybe bullies would actually be prom kings and maybe kids would feel like they actually have a chance at life.  Maybe promises wouldn’t be broken.

I dream of a world of truth in a nightmare of lies.

Five Minute Friday

P.S. For some reason, this blog felt very difficult! I didn’t want to be cliché.  And I may have broken the rule and completely scratched my first attempt… It just wasn’t coming out like I was thinking it.  This is close enough I guess.


3 thoughts on “A World of Truth (Five Minute Fridays)

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