5-Minute-Fridays: Laundry Day

laundry-dayIt is a Thursday night and all you need to do is go to bed, finish the next day, and enjoy the weekend.  Then you remember something that puts your day in the pits.  It is laundry day.  It isn’t a I-could-last-a-couple-more-days kind of laundry day, rather it is a I-have-nothing-to-wear laundry day.  Do you buck up and do the laundry or do you find some gently used piece of clothing, freshen it up and iron it so that it looks clean?

Could it be that there are times we treat our lives like our laundry? I wonder how many times people dream big and go for their dreams, but then when something good is about to happen they think, “Maybe I don’t want to.  Maybe I can just get by with what I have already done.” That is a laundry day.  A day where you are just getting by.  What good is a laundry day life though? Do I really want a life that just gets by?

So here is to living the dream and doing what is necessary.  Speaking of laundry… I should probably go do that. It continues to go on, as does life.


Five Minute Friday


2 thoughts on “5-Minute-Fridays: Laundry Day

  1. Like your post and I do know the feeling about Laundry. I never liked doing Laundry but I’ve become quite excellent at it after 63+ years. 🙂 As for Life, I never ever had the same approach as to Laundry, because for me Life Begins at Change.Lovely meeting you.

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