Our Little Indy

I’ll miss the way he played catch with himself,
chewed himself,
entertained himself;
I’ll miss the way he got into everything.
As a way of discovering everything,
he chewed everything
and chased everything.
I’ll miss the way he got right in the middle of my dirt pile,
and the way he would smile
when we rubbed his tummy for a while
or played catch for a while.
He may have thought it annoying
the way we were toying
with him, but deep down it was enjoying.
So many toys he would have been destroying
had we given in to his imploring.
The gecko behind our house
may even miss the game of cat and mouse
between him and Indy, who would rouse
at the mention of getting out of the house.

Indy chased his last,
when to the road he went so fast.
The car didn’t see him until it was past,
and the death of Indy had been cast.
Though our time with him was short,
I will not let it thwart
the fond memories of sorts,
which can be our only comfort.
Our little Indy
will forever be
the best first dog for me.

Indy Montage


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