So many times in life we are looking for miracles, but we fail to see the ones that are unfolding around us every day.  Miracle in simplest terms means wonder.  Sometimes it is an unexplainable wonder that is supernatural, other times there is science to back it up.  Perhaps the world in looking for miracles is simply hungry for wonder.

To me the stars are a miracle.  The way they shine on for centuries and each one declaring the splendor of God.  I don’t know if it is a miracle because of how God just made them to continue to burn or because in doing so, He gave us a glimpse of himself.  Our bodies are a thousand miracles wrapped up in a pretty bow.  How every muscle, every cell works intricately together to function from day-to-day is mind-boggling!  It is a complex and beautiful wonder!  And if you really begin to think about it, life itself is a miracle–from conception to birth to childhood to adolescence to adulthood.  Miracles envelop us everyday.  What would happen if we began to see them?

Maple HillMarly is a 10-year-old inquisitive life enthusiast who captures the heart of every reader in Miracles on Maple Hill by Virginia Sorensen. It may become an annual holiday read for me.  It is a book that reminds me of the good things in life–of sitting by the fire, of hot cocoa, of camping, of family, of triumph.  Though it spans across an entire year and all four seasons, it holds the feeling of Christmas as it highlights the values of family, generosity, and kindness, and it is written with such warmth, comfort, and peace.  It is to my mind and heart as a blanket and cup of hot cocoa on a cold rainy day. It is such an easy read and it is a joy as you journey with Marly in discovering the little miracles of life–the way  sap goes up a tree, the way a flower pushes through the snow to bloom in the spring, and the way people come together.

Miracles on Maple Hill is a reminder to appreciate life, to help a neighbor out once in a while, and to explore God’s wonderful creation.  Perhaps people would see more miracles in the world today if we truly loved openly without expectation of reward, like Mr. Chris did in the book.  Without wanting to give spoilers, I’ll just say this: Perhaps by being kind and generous it sets you up to see the miracles around you, to discover wonder around you.  Life is a miracle, so live like it!


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