Always Enough

Tree in the Wind

Although I have not blogged in a long while and have not done my dovos in an equally long while, there has been a song etched in my mind lately.  It has become my prayer.  It isn’t that I haven’t wanted to do my devos, I just have had a hard time finding the time.  Life seems to be accelerating since starting my last semester and student teaching.  Here are the lyrics to the song that seems to just resonate in my heart.

In the dry and weary land, Lord, You are the rain.
In the sea of shattered ones, Your love comes rushing in.
You hold the world inside Your hands and see each tear that falls.
Through every fire and every storm, You’re always enough, always enough.

Your love is peace to the broken,
Faith for the widow,
Hope for the orphan,
Strength for the weak.
Your love is the anthem of nations, rings out through the ages,
And You’re always enough for me.

I rejoice for my Savior reigns.
I rejoice for He lives in me.
God on high, He has set me free,
And worthy is the Lord.

“Always Enough” by Casting Crowns

I guess, deep down, there is a small part of me that knows where I need to turn.  When I am broken the most, it is the easiest for me to turn to God, but this time I didn’t.  I let myself build habits that is slowly killing my spirit instead of relying on the “Always Enough.”

I have started student teaching, as previously mentioned, and I know it is more important now than ever before to break those bad habits.  I MUST find the time because the gentile reminder by a great song will not keep me healthy.  I thirst for more, but I don’t discipline myself with the drinking of the word, and I know I need God’s supernatural grace, peace, love, and strength to teach.  It is a big job that I don’t take lightly.

God, be my alarm clock.  I know I need you, and I want to want you more.  I have starved myself to the point of not knowing if I am hungry or not, so ignite my senses with your sweet presence that I may hunger after you again.


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