My Dream Job

I used to just think I was going to be a teacher, and I didn’t feel very confident about that.  I love kids and I love learning, but is that enough to base education on? I also love other cultures and have a huge passion for orphans.  My heart breaks at the thought of them and yet my heart smiles.  I can’t begin to imagine a life of rice and beans three meals a day with no books or literature.  I can’t imagine not having wonderful parents to turn to, yet so many orphans around the world face that reality.  Yet my heart smiles at the thought of being able to be a part in filling that void. I am studying to be a teacher, but that is not my dream job.  In actuality, my dream job doesn’t pay well or basically at all.

I want to be a mother to the motherless.  I want to care where nobody cares.  I want to hug where no body hugs and hold where nobody holds.  I want to rock babies to sleep, singing lullabies and watching their smiling faces.  I want to read them books and enlighten their hearts and minds with stories of truth, love, and grace.  Education is simply my way of giving so they can read when I am not there and still discover the world outside of their own.

I want to write.  Write to entertain. Write to educate. Write to tell a story.  Write to learn. Write to discover. I want to write so that it inspires people to learn more, love deeper, live better, and then turn around and to pass it on.  In the process, I hope to write Jesus into the hearts of my readers. I hope Jesus is like a thread in a beautiful tapestry of my writing, without him the writing means nothing and the image begins to fray and shred, but with him the image is beautiful and inspiring.  By weaving him into the intricate parts of my writing, in the in-between spaces and the subtle inferences, in the character development and the compelling plot, I hope to then weave Him into the minds of those who listen.  Then again, I can’t rewrite the Bible, but I can reiterate it.

And if I had it my way.  This is all I would do.  I would love children by day and write books by night with the glow and fragrance of candles and the warmth and comfort of coffee.  I would take breaks for movies and other literature, such as the Bible and Jane Austen.  And in this grand life God has given me, I would find my inspiration for stories of hardship as well as love and compassion, for stories of triumph and humor.  Life is a story, I simply want to write some of it down.


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