A Life-Long Accountability Partner

I am by no means an expert on married life. I am still in the honeymoon stage; in fact, I have yet to be settled into our home for we haven’t even returned from the honeymoon yet. Married life is thus far great, though.  I am so thankful to be blessed with it.  I am not sure if it has fully sunk in that I have a husband now, especially since I still feel like a nomad living out of a suitcase. I know I have so much more of married life to look forward to: cleaning my home (surprisingly looking forward to this), grocery shopping, cooking (however, I am sure this will get old fast, unless I am like my mother), traveling the world, and living out the rest of my life with my best friend.

Yesterday, my husband and I began what I believe will be the most rewarding, challenging, and important part of our marriage.  We established a plan and basic routine (I need routine, even though I always try to break it) to keeping each other accountable to God as well as help each other grow. I know doing devotions and praying together is immensely important.  We have often tried to do it before we got married, but it was so difficult.  Our hope and goal is to always find devotionals that we can do together, whether they are meant for couples or just for spiritual growth.  The goal is to do it every night as our time of prayer together.  We also can in that time hold each other accountable to personal time with God.  It may be too early to tell, but I feel confident that this is going to be an incredible system for us.  I am a person that forgets to do devotions 6 out of 7 days of the week.  Since that habit began, I have felt my walk with God plummet.  It is so rewarding to me to have my best friend beside me to remind me daily to seek after God.  It is in this devotion and accountability that God is able to use marriage to make us better.  Being challenged and changed isn’t easy, and that is why marriage isn’t necessarily easy, but it is a journey worth taking.  I am so thankful that I can make the journey with my best friend.


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