New Year; New Beginning

It is now 2013; the old year has gone away.  Last year was tough. My boyfriend and I got engaged, but because we weren’t living right, we broke up. That was the hardest thing I ever did, yet through it, I began to see God’s relentless love and pursuit for me. It was like an overshadowing theme throughout the year. My boyfriend and I were able to get back together after 6 months by the amazing grace of God and some major confirmations.  We wanted everything to work out according to God’s will this time. 

So, as I am entering this new year, I want to turn the page.  The old has gone, and the new has come.  This year will have struggles and joys of its own, but I will continue to press forward to all that God wants for me.  I feel like God is shifting the way I view our relationship in a way I don’t even know how to articulate yet, but I know that as I continue to fall deeper in love with Him everyday, it will change the course of my life!

I also hope, yet again, to really make some health changes.  Is that not every person’s desire in the new year? Maybe I just need to do more planning, but God has given me one life and one body, and I need to be a steward of it by caring for it properly.  Sure, I will eat sweets, but I need to stop over indulging myself.  I feel like this may even have a connection with my relationship with God because as I live for Him and desire to honor Him in everything I say and do, it will flow into how I respect and care for my own body, His temple!

I am excited to see what this new year holds! I am excited to see where my relationship goes; we have been talking marriage!!! Talk about new beginnings! I am excited to see where I go with God, and I am excited to see how my relationship with God affects every area of my life!


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