Escalator Escapades

Flying comes with all kinds of great opportunities for adventure: watching people, exploring, finding a good deal among the nations best highway robbers, finding ways to entertain yourself, and riding the escalator.  It was a normal start to a day at the airport.  My best friends dropped me off at my terminal, and we said our goodbyes.  Little did I know the adventure would begin 30 seconds later.

I enter the sliding doors with my luggage in tow and my best friend who was flying a different flight in the same terminal ahead of me.  The descending escalator is to our immediate right, and the ascending escalator is about 4 ft ahead and to our right.  My friend steps on with ease, and I follow behind, thinking nothing of it.  Immediately upon stepping on the ascending escalator, I discover something to be quite wrong.  My checked bag is being yanked from me and I am fumbling to catch it.   The suitcase had not fully come around the corner and did not follow on to the escalator like normal.

In that moment, I am reaching for my luggage praying I somehow recover it and maintain balance, but also in that moment, I lose balance. My body drops to the escalator that has not frozen in time, but continues to ascend, and I quickly forgo recovering my luggage for there is now a more imminent problem: losing my life.

Gravity attempts to pull me to the bottom of the escalator as I am dragged up the escalator head first in a 45° angle. I thought for sure I was going to die.  I stretch my hand up with a desperate cry to my friend, “Take my hand!” As I hold on for dear life, the escalator continues moving and I follow, unable to stand, unable to move, only able to lie sprawled across four or five steps like Will Ferrell in the Christmas movie Elf. In what seemed like five minutes (which is eternity compared to the short duration of escalator rides), I had no choice but to hold tightly to my friend’s hand and wait patiently to reach the top.

After reaching the top and regaining composure, I found myself sore all along my left side which hit the escalator just moments earlier.  I also found my pants slightly wet in the rear, and I was hoping and believing that was because of the escalator. My pride was slightly damaged, but I was too busy laughing about it to cry or even get frustrated from it.  And thankfully, the passenger below grabbed my luggage on the escalator, so I didn’t have to go down to retrieve it. What a lovely start to flying adventures this was! All in all, I am left with a couple of bruises and a hilarious story!


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