Moses vs. Joshua

“Do not be afraid. Be strong and courageous,” is a phrase God reiterates to Joshua multiple times. As I reflected and looked back I noticed that Moses was never really told that.  I then reflected on these two great leaders of the Bible.

Moses started out afraid. I would be pretty freaked out and feel completely incapable if I was talking to a burning bush as well. It seems though that Moses grew out of that fear. He grew confidant in the Lord and came to be the leader we think of, the leader to bring upwards a million people across the Red Sea into the desert, and all the way to the mouth of the promised land. Moses had his flaws, but fear was generally not one of them.

Joshua, however, appears to often struggle with fear. Did he lack the confidence? I feel more like Joshua. I look at my life and I am so scared. I know God has called me to lead. God has called me to do things beyond myself. If I stop and think about the great things God is calling me to do, it is scary. I am sure Joshua thought the same thing as he was being sent into great and powerful armies to conquer them and to take the land God had promised. It was much bigger than he felt he could take.  He gained his confidence out of his prayer life with God.  His confidence was in the constant reminder that he need not be afraid for the Lord was on his side!  Just the same, I do not need to fear for the Lord is on my side, and God will make a way for me!


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