Stain Remover

Leaving work, I find myself in this wonderful cleaning mood, for I had just finished organizing and tidying up the office.  Since I just bought some furniture which had some horrible stains in them, I knew exactly what I was going to clean when I got home.  I put in some Christmas music, because lets face it; I start listening to the peaceful declarations of Jesus birth and other traditional good tidings around the time trees would have changed colors had I still been living in ND.  I sit down with my bottle of Prespot, Prespot concentrate, toothbrush for added scrubbing, and my old gift card. The last one may seem odd, but it has done wonders for scraping the dirt and water out of the sofa like a squeegee on glass. Suddenly, though, as I was about two songs into the CD, I found myself turning off the music to just talk to God.

You see, a week ago yesterday, God did some amazing things in my life. There was an awesome service where His love was made overwhelmingly aware to me despite the fact that I felt I didn’t deserve it. And I don’t, but he values me and says I am worth it because He loves His creation unconditionally.  He showed me that He is an infinite God with the infinite grace, infinite mercy, and infinite love that He longs to pour on us daily.  He has infinite resources to provide, He has infinite power to heal, and He has infinite authority to set us free.  He is infinite! It is overwhelming! The challenge came in all of this to take time each day to stop and really listen to the voice of God; it was even prophesied that my physical ears would begin to heal and open up as I developed through my alone time a spiritual ear to doubtlessly hear the voice of God. Wow!

I started the week out great! And then it dwindled without me even realizing it. I went to open my reading plan on my phone and found that I was days behind. When God began to reiterate similar messages once again at church, I was ashamed to pray up front. I knew exactly what was wrong and I knew exactly what I needed to do. I didn’t feel like I needed to be prayed for. I already knew.

I say all that because as I was sitting listening to Casting Crowns: Peace on Earth (greatest Christmas CD ever!), I just felt this nudge to turn it off, to sit in silence/prayer to God. I talked for a little, all while scrubbing at the stains in my overstuffed armchair.

As I quieted myself, my mind began to wander to my stains. Whether it was God I don’t know, but I began to think of my chair as my life.  It has the stains of my past on it, or had the stains of my life on it.  Many times I try to take my own stain remover and scrub at my stains. And like I see on my furniture, it may only work some of the time. More times than not, it just makes it less visible to everyone else. Some stains may seem completely gone, and others are faint but still very much there. You see there is only one stain remover for the sins of my life–the blood of Jesus! We are made as white as snow, not a brown dirt trampled snow, but a fresh snow where the light reflects off the perfectly fallen white powder. Jesus is my stain remover!


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