What If…

What if…

What if the church, and by church I mean every person who claims to be a part of the body of Christ, would have a loving pursuit after God?
What if instead of seeing the world through our preconceived notions and beliefs we began to see others in love and grace?
What if we began to preach the word of God by living the word of God, which of course means getting into the word of God?
What if the world began to truly see the true image of Christ in the church and not a blurred image mixed with theirs, hers, and your ideologies of what should be?
What if the church began to actually be the church? Be the hands. Be the feet. Be the instrument of love.

Sometimes I feel like we are destroying ourselves from within because we don’t really understand what living without judgment and hypocrisy is.
So much religion and so little relationship.
Sometimes I just get sick.

What if the church stopped being one more reason to not turn to God and started being one more reason to turn to God?


I love hearing people's responses. Post below...

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