Cooperative Hair Day

You ever have a day where your hair just is not cooperating (This may relate to women mostly)? You try to do something really cute and it looks great in your mind but the execution just is not there. Today was one of those days for me. It seemed to even look ok for a while, but then it just looked like a mess.  As I was taking it out to just throw it up, suddenly there was a spiritual meaning that the Holy Spirit dropped in my head.

How many times are we like our hair and God is like us? God is trying to move us and shape us into people who are beautiful.  He has a plan and a purpose, but we refuse to cooperate by our actions.  He has the power to make things happen the way he wants, but he does not work that way.  Sometimes, we so refuse to cooperate that he prepares us in a little different way.  It will still look good and still point to him, but it could have been better.  If we would only cooperate and do things according to his will, if we would only obey his word then our lives would be something beautiful and amazing that would point to the creator.


I love hearing people's responses. Post below...

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