I have always been baffled by the ability to worship with my life. That has been a resounding prayer, but I have never really understood how to do that. I mean I knew the clichés.  I knew what it meant.  It means God permeates every aspect of your life to the point that even cleaning the toilet is done as worship unto God. I get that.  I want that, but how do you get to that point? And then there is the concept of ‘worship in spirit and truth.’  What does that even mean? Does it mean I am worshiping when I am not worshiping? If so, how do I know that part is worshiping if I am not worshiping?  Does it mean I am saying what I mean and being truthful? I have always meant what I prayed.  I have always ‘worshiped’ with sincerity? Still, I have often felt like I was worshiping against a wall. I know I can count many times where I have felt God’s presence yet lately my worship has felt flat.  I knew something was missing.  Right now, I am playing worshipful songs 24/7 in my room and still it feels no different.  What does it take to live in a state of worship in God’s presence?

Then I went to chapel tonight. Granted it has only been 30 minutes and I am still on that mountaintop, yet tonight was different.  Worship is simply expressing God’s worth.  It is worthy-ship. I learned that to worship in spirit is to be connected with the great God of the universe by my spirit and to worship in truth is to worship according to scripture.  As we just worshiped in truth, I began to feel that connection as my spirit inside me began to worship freely. It was just that, freeing.  Walls were torn down. Defenses released.  When my spirit was let out in worship, I realized I truly don’t need music to express God’s worth.

When worship becomes about expressing God’s worth, that is when it becomes about your life as an act of constant worship.  Everything I do should testify that I serve a God who is worthy.  That toilet may be disgusting, but he is still worthy. It is like C.S. Lewis wrote, “We can no more diminish God’s glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling ‘darkness’ in his cell.” I would say we can also no more diminish God’s worth by refusing to acknowledge it… Acknowledging God’s worth gives Him glory, but it also steadies us for the ups and downs of life.  I need God. Only God. All My Life. For Eternity.  He alone deserves my worthy-ship!


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