Mission 58436

Tomorrow may hate me for this since I have started trying to follow an early morning routine, but I want to share about some of the awesomeness God did today.

A while back, God began laying it on my heart to do more.  I was not given the knowledge of Christ and his loving sacrifice nor the command to GO, make disciples, just so that I can mutely stand at my till at the grocery store letting life pass by.  No, I was definitely called to be something much more, to do something much more.  I began to pray that God would make me a seed-planter with eyes to see the harvest.

There are elderly people all over this town. Some believe faithfully in God and serve Him daily.  Others live their lives in desperate hope that it will just end and put them out of their misery. God began to break my heart more and more for the hopelessness I saw on people who came through the line at the grocery store.  I also saw people who seemed to be content in their life of sin, which also broke my heart.

Then through conversations with an awesome boss and some more prayer, God birthed in me an idea to reach some of my home town. Today was the first day of this ministry.  I went to a 32-plex and knocked on doors (I tried to stick mostly to women since I was alone).  I simply offered myself to serve them and then asked if I could pray with them.  It went nothing like I had expected!

First, there was this one little old woman.  She needed nothing or had nothing for me to help her with but I ended up sitting and talking with her for about 45 minutes.  We talked about God, life, my schooling, and all kinds of other things.  I was able to simply encourage her by praying with her. It is amazing to me how much they can appreciate that small gesture.  She even tried to give me money, but I encouraged her that I just wanted to be a blessing.  It turned around and blessed me though.

Then, there were a lot of failed attempts, but one failed attempt really caught my eye.  I was compelled to knock on this gentleman’s door despite the caution I was having about knocking on men’s doors in general.  He had a scowling look on his face and curtly answered no to helping him with anything and no to prayer.  I am praying and believing for an open door! Him, as well as the others I met will now be in my prayers more diligently.  May God reach them with his love and may I be the funnel if God so chooses.


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