Modern Day Israelite

It is a Friday which means once again I am not wanting to do homework at all!  On the plus side, I don’t have to because I have the weekend to do it, but on the down side, I probably won’t do it this weekend.  Nonetheless, I successfully avoided doing homework thus far by Facebooking until I was bored and then walking to Hastings: my homework and coffee get-a-way that is within walking distance from school!  Here I decided to bring a book (which I have yet to start) and do my devotions.  There was familiarity in what I read for I have read it before, but still there are things that I ponder.

One that always gets me is the Israelites.  God saves them from their oppressors, TWICE (Getting out of Egypt in the first place and then again at the Red Sea), guides them daily with the pillar of fire by night and the pillar of cloud by day, and provides for their needs on multiple occasions (the bitter water, manna, quail, water from a rock, etc).  Yet they complained, wanted to go back to their oppression, and eventually just stopped honoring and serving God with their life.  I can’t help thinking that they were blind idiots! Then I begin to look at my life.

How many times has God spared me from rightful doom: a miraculous extra hour to cram for that exam because I wasn’t a steward of the time God had already given me, grace with the professor for my late work, or by his death on the cross?  How many times has God proved himself as my provider:  trips to Mexico, Spain, Southern Asia, and Central Asia?  How many times has God directed my path:  my  trips, my upcoming marriage, my school, my major?  How many times has God healed me, emotionally and physically?  I cannot sit here and count the evidences of God’s work in my life.  Still, I have the same pattern of behavior as the Israelites.

I complain about not having enough time to do my homework.  I complain about the food in the caf;  the manna God has given me.  I complain about his timing.  I complain about how situations look in my life.  I go back to my old ways of self-dependence all the time.  I have even gone back to the same struggles that made me depressed and bound, emotionally and spiritually.  God had set me free and yet I kept going back to it.  I constantly make idols of life: my grades, my work, my boyfriend, my social world, including Facebook, and even my family sometimes.  All those things are great, but not when they take the place of my time of devotion to God!

So if I look back on the patterns of my life, are they really any better than the Israelites?  It is always easier in hindsight to pass judgment.  It sure makes me want to honor God more with what He has given me.  I can learn from the history of the Israelites.  I can learn from their mistakes, so that I don’t end up wandering out of the will of God in a dry land.  I have countless reasons to worship God whole-heartedly and that is exactly what I shall do!


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