This Love

I did nothing to deserve it. I am not a princess in the worldly sense of the word. I do not have untold riches or a model figure. I am just me, and for some reason that was all it took to win Zhanshi’s heart. I may not be a model, but he finds me gorgeous.  I may not have many riches, but he makes me feel worth a million bucks. The world may look at me and see lower class, but he sees me as a Daughter of the King of Kings. Thus, he treats me as a princess even though I do not feel like one.

It is true there is another who loves me similarly. When I became content in His love and knowing Him only, He turned around and gave me this love. Jesus loved me first and He will love me last. I see now that He gave me Zhanshi so that I could see a glimpse of His love for me.

Zhanshi spoils me too. He came back from a long trip in China and showered me with presents. Some of the items look so expensive, like the pearl earrings and jade necklace, He spoils me!! I have to confess I am pumped about the pearls because I know I am going to wear them to our wedding. Not only does he spoil me, but he is just sweet, too! In the first few minutes of seeing him at the airport he hands me a notebook full of letters. Since he couldn’t send them from China, he saved them in a notebook.  It was spectacular!!!


One thought on “This Love

  1. I love you so much. You are everything to me. Thank you for loving me back, and making me feel more loved than I have ever felt before. You are simply amazing to me. I love you!

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