Always My Provider!

All my life I have known the principle of working for what you get.  I can honestly say that is why I am who I am.  I worked hard to be able to go the places I have gone and do the things I have done.  I had to.  If I wanted to buy something, go somewhere, or do something it wasn’t going to come anywhere but from my pocket-book. But is it possible that this work ethic can be too much of a good thing?  What happens when we start depending on ourselves to cover our finances?  If we depend on what we can do to make ends meet, then there may be many disappointing times.  And if we are depending on ourselves to make ends meet, are we focusing on God or the dollar sign?

Lately I have been stressed about my finances.  It seemed all I saw was the $500 I still needed, the uncertainty of where I am going to live or how I will pay for it, and the car that doesn’t exist.  I knew that God would be provider because he has always been faithful, but what about this time?  With each step I learn to trust him more, but this time God wanted to do more than that.  It wasn’t just about praying for God’s provision anymore.  It was about trusting God with my finances. My uncertainty. My future.

I did not realize the hold this poverty mentality had on me.  I didn’t even realize how much I had a poverty mentality.  I mean I knew that I didn’t have the money, but I learned that is not what makes a person poverty minded.  It is the person who thinks they have to work for everything they have, the person who thinks they will always have something they don’t have money for, the person who has to have everything lined up every day for every penny, and the person who worries about the how of every monetary question.  This was the mentality that hindered my complete trust and it had to be cut away.

Now instead of needing to work for everything I have, I will be working that I may glorify God in my life and giving, and that it may be a tool for God’s provision.  Instead of thinking I will always have something I can’t afford, I will be the one who is abundantly blessed by God even if the world doesn’t see it.  Instead of being the person who has to have everything lined up every day, I will be the person who seeks the wisdom of God before making any plans. And Instead of worrying about situations completely beyond or in my control, I will relinquish my hold and trust the Great Provider: my Jehovah Jireh!


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