Update Addict

Every time something significant happens in my life, I feel the need to update.  Every time something insignificant but funny happens, I feel the need to update.  Every time God shows me something special, I have a song stuck in my head, or I am bored out of my mind, I feel the need to update.  My life has begun to revolve around updates on Facebook.

My addiction is not only to update, but also to constantly scroll the News Feed to see what other Facebook addicts have uploaded or updated, attended or liked. I have found my cursor wandering to the little button on my toolbar that sends me straight to this addicting site repeatedly in a day.

I had not realized the hold Facebook had on me.  It was just what I did each day without thinking about it.  I would put off homework and cleaning just for a “quick” scroll through Facebook.  I regret to say I would even put God on hold just for a look at Facebook.  Could it be that I have idolized it?

It started so innocent.  I was just wanting to keep connected with all my friends; I still want to keep connected. However, it became too big a part of my life, and God had to take it away for me to even see it.  God has challenged me to give up Facebook and it is one of the best hard things I have ever done.  Every time I am on the internet I find myself fighting the urge to hit the button.  Sometimes I even hit the button that takes me to Facebook only to be reminded that my friend changed my password for me.

So here I am loving Jesus and thankfully finding the time to tell him so all because I am an Update Addict who has been striped of her addiction until Jesus fills its place.


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